Photo Paintings

Pensive Koi, horizontal orientation. A photo painting by Bonnie Follett.
Pensive Koi, horizontal orientation. Detail of a photo painting by Bonnie Follett.

Photo Paintings

What are “Photo Paintings”?  They are photographs I have captured that I end up editing extensively to bring out features I see in my mind.  I will often add to or change the general character of the photograph through the use of extensive photo manipulation techniques.  These may involve using various photo filters and actions available either in Photoshop or other software and it sometimes includes adding,  deleting or altering elements of the original photograph.

What I like most about photo painting is that upon close inspection of the full resolution pixels in a photo (viewing it at 100% or close to it) is that you can see brush strokes or textures that enhance the photo, making it appear almost as a true art painting.  My photo paintings also print exceptionally well in that the natural pixelated (or grainy) quality inherent in many photos can be smoothed which enhances their quality in large prints.  They make beautiful artwork to display on the walls of a home or office.

Some of my photo painting samples appear on this page and more can be found in my photo paintings collection on

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