The Art Galleries

My site is in the process of renovation.  However Galleries of my art, paintings, drawings, lithographs and photos will appear linked at this page soon!  Since this is the meat of the site, it takes a bit more prep! art gallery logoThe following galleries are available to view:

Paintings on Canvas Gallery
Watercolor Paintings Gallery
Photo Paintings Gallery

In the meantime, I also have Collections on Fine Art America that are ready for viewing.

Until I get it all together 🙂 – please enjoy one of my etchings! Inspired by the USA’s bizarre Commander in Chief.

Tyrannosaurus Rump is my take on the infamous Twitterer Donald Trump. Where is Mike Pence when you need him to fetch your damn phone?

Tyrannosaurus Rump
Tyrannosaurus Rump. Although never placed on the Endangered Species List, its tiny hands left it virtually helpless. © Bonnie Follett. All rights reserved.